Drink with Cresh


Well hey there ma nigga's! Word up G man! I mean these days it's all about dollars and control innit.


Ya know word on the street bitch is that Crust is losing his shine.That low down wigga has been dissin' my crew and he's about to feel ma Powa. I've got a pump action an four shells with that punks name on. Dang Bitch. Messin' wit ma mofo ho.

I aint no sucker, I'm the original G-Th-a-a-a-ang. Cum into my hood n mess wit ma crew. dang. That G jus sipped his last juice man, he jus sucked da last Benson dry homeboy.

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All smiles in the Mcdonald Crew


Trevor, Trevor calm down. Come and have a drink with Crust! We'll settle all this with a good old fashioned wicker. Violence is always the last option kids!


A drink with Crust is everbody's first option! Isn't that right fella's?

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Hmmmm I'm not so sure Crust. Why don't ya prove it!



So grab yourself a fistful of dollars and join me in the bar! Place a nice moist Benson betwixt your lips and plough through the golden fields of an rich mans smoke! Enjoy every gold laden breath as your blood stream becomes rich in flavour and smooth in texture.


If the lungs aren't up to it grab a Benson Silver. Twice as a less is never enough but as they say


This man does.....

Garry Naysmith (ex CrUsT roadie)

Twenty Bensons a second Crust and you too could dance the Rasputin Flooze. I may look dead but I'd like to see you prove otherwise! No, no really I would.



Martin Paddlecracks (ex pro BNP party member) Awful man.

Oh Yar! Bing! I love Crust like the brother I never had! We once had a gun sling in the street! BOOOOOOOM!! Har mar! It's all sorted now though! I love Crust's Drinking Barn. We often have a shin dig after hours! I might be old but I can still move like a young 'un! I'd dance you under the table good sir. I love a good old fashioned Wicker as well. I mean who doesn't? the sound of Crust's voice is like poetry but when he talks to me I turn to an incapable mess of jelly.

I've creamed my Johnson's again Mrs Barker. Bring the shake and vac


Jeremy Brindlewiaaarth (Rising NBA player 2003)

This guy doesn't talk much. No one knows his name but we all know he loves a Woo Woo or two. I proposed we call him Pantallon and so it became! He always comes in topless shouting at the top of his lungs how many weights he's lifted. He's got the biggest arms this side of Dakota apparently?


There we have it Big Trev. Are argument to be settled with me, the boys and a good old fashioned wicker! Hurrah for my powers of reasoning!





If you wake up with Crust you shouldn't have. Remember that. What happens with Crust stays with Crust. If you wake up with Deggs in your belly you've rocked the night away!


Lick my breast. Actually, no don't. It's off the menu this week

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