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Look out ladies!

We all love celebrities and we all have a friend that looks like Tom Cruise don't we! So I thought I'd drip together a page celebrating the faces of the rich and famous vs the waifes and strays off the high street!


This idea should be a board game! A hot box of fun in which you get to slam together the celebrities and his/her look a likes! A picture of Les Dennis topless on the front drinking champers would buy my vote. 


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                                      Ruud Van Nistelrooy                    Dean Gaffney

These guys are babe magnets! Throw in a baccy bong and you've got more fun than the Channel Islands!


If I were a famous Hollywood director I'd have no qualms snapping up these boys for a sequel! Heroes in a half shell!

chrisr.jpg (3099 bytes)eddie.jpg (2541 bytes)Martinlawrence.jpg (2540 bytes)tucker.jpg (2525 bytes)

     We all know the names of this gay quintet! Fo sho mo fo


The bank of comedy is laughing all the way and who's to stop them? Throw in a white cop of Mark Whalberg's class and the drinks are on me!


These chaps are never in the same room. Strange that.


                                                phil.jpg (2396 bytes)                      mikedixon.jpg (8291 bytes)

                              Brookside bombshell Mike Dixon    Phillip Neville

The age old phrase of separated at birth is one that has baffled the scientists with these two twins of destiny.

The jury is still out on this one as we head for the press office


These two are so alike they enjoy a job share every three months

                                                   dimmock.jpg (3455 bytes)                    ray.jpg (3690 bytes)

                                                  Raymond Palour      Charlie 'saggy' Dimmock


These two chaps don't even share the same dimension yet still they manage to enjoy timeless beauty   

ming.jpg (3888 bytes)                              veron.jpg (2032 bytes)

                                        Juan Sebastien Veron                      Ming

Both pictures have that foreign air of ambiguity that certainly can't be bought in the High Street. Veron looks like a fiend of beauty. Sporting a Ché Guevara tattoo shows his political mind. One for the archives eh?


Both these guys have warmed our hearts with their deeply poetic resume of films. From Tango & Cash stopping off Under Siege in their touring of the 80's world! Segal most famous for his winning line of...   

 'Nobody beats me in the kitchen'

After Segal had killed a bad ass dude in...wait for it...a kitchen! The twist is that he's also a chef trained in the forgotten arts of the Japanese warrior whilst at the expense of the Us Navy! That line was straight from the textbooks of every up and coming directors notebook of dialogue play on words. Some people missed that. Not I! 


segal.jpg (2497 bytes)                            stallone.jpg (2567 bytes)

                                                    Stallone                              Segal

Like two sides of the same coin. No really.

These two chronic suffers are anyones favoured dish. On one had an ugly yet no doubt rich footballer and the other a binge soaked aftermath of true wonder. If these two were a recorded listener they'd be tapes. When I say tapes I mean the B side single. Avoid like the plunging neckline of a busty nanna.


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                   Modellings Loss Luke Chadwick      My Drug of Choice James Patterson


A glass of port and a stiff cherry lung and I'm as confused as you. This page has helped many cleanse their souls in a bath of unadulterated figures of sheer admiration. Sail on boat of beauty as you have no anchor to cast in this harbour.


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