Streets of Rage 2


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'Crust does it again!'

That's what the Daily Mirror will say when I hit the big time! I mean wow!

I'm really going all out here aren't I!


I thought I would make a page to celebrate the Sega Mega drives Streets of Rage 2. In fact I thought I'd dedicate a page to it for a number of reasons. Those reasons being:

1. It's my childhoods computer gaming in a game

2. Having recently playing on the Mega drive again I purchased that bastard for 9

3. Well I want to get my 9 worth now. Skanky fucking dill hole shop owner!

'WOW! From these unseen screen shots I can't wait to play it again!'

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Yer so I go into a wanky computer store. Not much dissimilar to a market stall, but in a shop if you can imagine it?

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There you go! that's what it looked like! I looked for Streets of Rage2 but to no avail. Fucking cunt has got it stashed in the back! Charged me a Vanilla Crown I payed it!

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'Bladdy 'ell Crust!'

Even this ex pat thinks I' m mad. This guy has killed people for less than that. 


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Thats a badass cover int it! Bitchin'. It shouts 'You ready for a good old fashioned Street Brawl'

This tough guy below is

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This guy wasn't in Streets of Rage 1, 2 or 3 but he is ready for a good old fashioned brawl!

He's gonna rough and tumble his way through the day.


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Wow! This bit is part of the ending sequence! Wow and double WOW!. Thats Adam! He's the renegade black cop from the first Streets of Rage! He wears leather and a tight yellow top. Action clothes I like to call them.

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This is another ending sequence screen shot I found! Wow! I feel like a real herowhen I get an ending like this! Those two crazy characters are Max and Blaze. Max is the fourth character. He's thrown in for nor reason and is way to oversized for the screen. He's also wank. Really wank. He doesn't even punch properly. He chops enemies like the fanny he is. The bird is Blaze. Token female. Never been her nor do I know anyone who has.

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This guy rocks! He's called Axel, the name of a true champion. He's always been my personal favourite. He has screen presence and in some respects carries the game. He is a retro icon for a modern era. That's alls I can say and I can says no more.


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This clever dude did all the motion capture for Streets of Rage! He did every single move! He got a bit carried away in some bits and made his own moves up. Sega didn't use those ones. Who wants to see a character pissing all over the enemies? Not me. Unless you have a big piss fetish?

Should have got Chevvy Chase I thought. He's a gaming icon in my eyes.

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This guy played Streets of Rage for real. He lost. Its a warning folks.

You can fight in a Street of Rage,

but you can't Rage in a random Street.

Just remember that.


One please. You do know this bus is limited stop? One Way to the Main Page!