This is Waller FM - The region's 6th or 7th best radio station. Bringing you the best entertainment and talk around the clock, from 91.1 to 305.7. WallerFM is an audio podcast written but mostly improvised by David Firth and Christian "Crust" Webb. It's a bit of a sketch comedy/satire/sitcom based around the fictitious radio station "WallerFM". Either subscribe for instant updates or click on one of the links below to start listening.

Starting during 2020's mental lockdown we have been performing brand new live episodes of WallerFM every week and broadcasting them live on Twitch. These are known as WallerFM (LIVE) and are being added to the usual playlists. Everything is also available on Youtube

20th Aug '20
Sandy Scawthorpe gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes at WallerFM and all the nonsense she has to deal with. The new sponsor "Waleed's Chicken" completely takes over Graham's show, turning it in to one long advert and Colin and Craig annoy everyone with their bid to do 2 million pranks in a single year. All that and more.
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12th Jan '16
Sandy's scouring the region for a new WallerFM show. Who will be Region For The Stars in this week's WallerFM? Who will get through to the Barnsley Metrodome? Meanwhile Graham and Terry are making movies and it's Top Tip Tuesday for Colin and Craig. All that and more. Special guests include Tom Cruise and The M People.
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28th June '13
It's WallerFM's big charity day out, WALLER AID. Colin and Craig are back for the first time in years to present an extra long show featuring Graham's Live Adventure Question Game, The Church Of Metal and Daz Bird's Clutch Challenge as well as a look at what crazy things the lovely members of the public have been doing to raise money. Top celebrity guests include Sylvester Stallone and Hulk Hogan as well as some surprises! It really is a great day out for all the family. FULL CREDITS
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15th April '13
 After going into administration in the credit crunch of 2008, WallerFM dissolved and merged with rival ChoccyFM. Sandy Scawthorpe digs into the dark past of ChoccyFM, Graham and Terry get a work experience temp in and we explore just where ChoccyFM went wrong with a selection of clips from their top shows including Schissi and Whey, The Hyperlite Review and Justin Mayfair In The Morning. FULL CREDITS
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Sept '10

For anyone missing the old Fat-Pie podcast, here we present Graham and Terry on SineFM's Doppler Effect (yes, on actual radio!). These were only 15 minute segments with music, but we chose the music and we mainly talk over it. (All 3 shows edited into one with most of the music removed)

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18th July '08

It's the last episode. Graham looks back at the lowest point in his career, Colin and Craig get all emotional, Jonny Modden fucks up the system and Roger and Stevie interview a spam emailer. All that and more.

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4th July '08

WallerFM is under new management. Laurence and Lee are in charge from now on and they're taking WallerFM to the next level. Find out what happens to Graham's Packed Lunch, what Colin and Craig are so angry about and where Roger and Stevie end up. How can the new management bring this old tin pot radio station into the latest millennium.

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20th June '08

It's our Aussie special featuring a comparison between WallerFm and the Australian equivalent WallabyFM. We also take an exclusive inside look at the St. Andrew's Argument Complex, Jerry Jackson takes on the environment, then Jonny Modden and his Retro Renegades tell us what music we should already be listening to.

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6th June '08

Following numerous complaints about the way we're marketing our podcast, tonight we hand the show over to two professionals from the USA. We take a look at the strange lifestyle of one young girl in "Secret Spackers" and Graham answers a few of your letters. All that and loads less.

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23rd May '08

We take you on a trip down memory lane with this nostalgia special, reliving those golden WallerFM moments that you all grew up with. Who can forget Claim To Fame? Where were you when Graham and Terry talked about headlocks? and what ever happened to The Eternal Night with Roger and Stevie? Find out on this fortnight's sparkling edition of WallerFM: The Fat-Pie Podcast.

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9th May '08

It's "Give a hospital a chance day" on WallerFM hosted by Sandy Scawthorpe and Daz Bird live from St. Freckle's Hospital. Graham's Adventure Question Game gets some of the patients a bit excited and Colin and Craig serve up one mysterious breakfast. All that and more.





Everything performed, written and improvised by David Firth and Christian Pickup 2008-2013. Music by Locust Toybox, I'm The Manager, Grape Digging Sharon Fruits, Chris Gladwin, Datach'i, The Turrican Theme etc. Thanks a lot to Newgrounds, Callumations and Smouch for the webspace donations. Give us an email and feed our backs, report any problems with the mp3s or If you'd like to let us use your music without us having to pay you.