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The sands of time have been and gone since my fingré last stopped in the port of my mind. However, a fan base may be my ticket to the free west. Read on my loyal guests and feast on my large platter of mind worms. Eager to fill your cranial gaps with laughter and a twist of fun. Hello to NY#1 Crust fan. Its always nice to have one fan wet with excitement at the mention of yours truly. Kiss the sky.

Cresh is my brand. Is it yours?

In other news I've now teamed up with David Firth to bring this website in association with the Fat-pie brand name. Thanks for the web space oh my four fingered friend.  



Bladdy 'ell!! More Updates!

story.champs.time.jpg (15844 bytes)

Read about my interview with these crazy bastards!

Updates!!!! Come have a drink with CrUsT

Thought for the day

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Fred from Tvs hit 'How2' often allures me with his tit bits of fact and good humour. He enjoys my scribbles on a daily basis. Often pestering me for my sexy granules of humour. There's no recipe for humour Fred. If there was I'd be a fat chef. 


Crust on his shoot for Woman's Own

crustwomen.jpg (96652 bytes)

This photo I hear you ask was taken as I opened for Bono on his Post Office tour. Before this I was juggling paperwork and my ever increasing invoice pile. Go figure.


We've all starred in a Box Office smash haven't we? Well I'm no different

Rent or own a copy of my rites of passage in this winters hottest film. My 1986 Oscar nominated performance in...

Trooper's Hostility

crustconair.jpg (55144 bytes)

Click here to read why the critics swooned at my feet.


War is imminent my friend but with this guy on our side I sleep soundly at night. Safe in the knowledge that whatever the enemy, we'll be victorious! Hurrah for you sir!

Victory.jpg (45230 bytes)

This chap loves a war. A good old fashioned fight to the death! He's topless and ready! You can't fight a war without a tan! In a way I know he's right


Your never alone with these guys on your side

Hurrah for our boys in blue! Book 'em and bring them to justice boys!